10 Signs Your Cat Hates You

These signs are unmissable. You should recognize these as cat unhappiness. Hissing, snarling, biting, slicing, or scratching indicate a cat's displeasure.

1. The cat hisses, bites, or scratches

You may wonder how a tail can "look mad," but learning to read a cat's tail will make life easier. 

2. Cat's Tail "Looks Mad"

Accidents happen, but it's possible it wasn't. Cats utilize excrement to communicate. Some cats leave hate notes in their excrement.

3. The Cat Poops/Pees on Your Stuff

Cats sometimes ignore things they don't like. Humans too. Cats excel at ignoring. If a cat doesn't glance at you when you call or react to you, you're a no-go.

4. She Ignores You

If your cat never requests attention or disappears when you enter the room, it may be avoiding you.

5. The Cat Disappears When You Arrive

It's normal for people to get along better with some than others. Some cats are cooler than others and never warm up to anyone.

7. She Likes Other People... But Not You

But if your cat turns to others for pets but persistently snubs you, jumps up to say "hi" to others but always slinks off when you enter the room, it's you, not them.

Sleep makes cats susceptible. Happy cats relax, sleep, and even show their bellies.

8. She's Uneasy Your Presence

Without faith, he won't do these things. Cats don't relax if they're uncomfortable.

A cat will show many outward signs of trust. It licks, rubs, grooms, and sleeps on you. If you're dangerous, a cat won't let you get close enough to hurt.

9. The Cat Refuses Touch

Cats who keep their distance don't trust you. If the cat doesn't give you head butts, lap-sits, or leg rubs, they don't trust you.

Fear and excitement cause cats' pupils to dilate. Anger, agitation, or arousal causes narrow pupils.

10. The Cat's Eyes Are Dilated or Linear

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