10 Signs Your Cat Is Your Best Friend

If you find yourself going through your camera roll with dozens of shots of your cat (or using filters to make their face appear goofy), you probably love them.

1. You Always Photograph Your Cat

It's hard to hate your best buddy, let alone a lovely whiskered furball. You forget and forgive. I can never be upset at my pets. 

2. You Can't Hate Them

Sometimes the best person to vent to is a little, fuzzy critter that sleeps all day.

3. You Complain to Them

With a purring kitty. My cat watches occasionally, but they probably sleep.

4. You Enjoy Their Company

Your best friend's mood is usually obvious. If you are like that with cats, you may detect aberrant behavior or signs of illness/infection

5. You Can Immediately Recognize Problems

Best friends usually cheer you up. Your cat may sit on your lap or rub against you.

6. They Cheer You Up

How could you not feel better knowing your cat loves you unconditionally?

Even short trips make me miss my cats. They okay? Are they fed and watered?

7. Missing Them Makes You Sad

Is my absence confusing? While I'm away, those ideas may cross your mind too.

Bring your cat's best buddy is sad because they'll die. You'll miss them when you get home, but it won't happen.

8. You Hate Losing Them

People do stupid things to cats, like pulling their tails or holding them upside down, which they call "fun." 

9. You Respect Them

They may not be great conversationalists, but they know you are.

10. You Address Your Cat Like a Person

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