10 Ways to Celebrate the Birthday of Your Dog

Choose the Perfect Present

Whether your dog prefers tennis balls, Kongs, or softer, handcrafted toys, its birthday is the perfect time to visit the pet store's toy aisle.

Deck the Halls

You've helped friends and family decorate for countless birthday parties, so it's only fitting that you decorate for your beloved dog's special day.

Believe it or not, many dog-friendly birthday cakes are also suitable for humans. To create a delicious dog cake, you only need common baking ingredients.

Make Dog-Friendly Pupcakes

Although real ice cream isn't the best for your dog's digestive system, it's simple to make puppy-friendly ice cream at home with ingredients you likely already have on hand.

Doggie Ice Cream

It is incredibly simple to create your own by gluing non-toxic construction paper, poster board, or foam paper into a cone shape.

DIY Some Cute Party Wear

Invite the gang over for a day of running, treats, and investigating to celebrate the birth of your furry family member.

Invite the Entire Squad

You must give your human visitors a reason to attend the puppy party. Enter delectable celebration foods and beverages.

Don't Forget About the Humans

Make your own photo booth backdrop, gather some props , and get 'gramming! So that you can see all of the excitement in one place.

Set Up a Photo Booth

The greatest thing about these dog-friendly party games is that they are actually disguised training techniques.

Play Games

Ensure that you have an abundance of toys  for activities such as hide-and-seek and fetch.

What is a birthday party without a favor sack filled with goodies? Include small toys, such as a tennis ball or chew toy.

Make Paw-ty Favors for Guest

A scattering of dog bones or jerky sticks, a party hat or bandana, and, of course, treats for the humans as well.

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