12 Signs Your Cat Really Loves You

Your cat may not like cuddling on the couch as a dog does. You may wish they were more enthusiastic about belly massages and head pats.

1. She's Always There

Humans often miss the slow blink, a sign of feline fondness. Your cat is attempting to tell you she trusts and cares about you by softly closing and opening her eyes.

2. Kitty Kisses

Some cats love to bite. How hard she bites you distinguishes love from aggression. If it hurts, beware.

3. She Loves Bites

Cats don't share their bellies! Your cat is susceptible when lying or rolling on the floor with her stomach up

4. Her Fluffy Tummy

Cats release pheromones from facial glands when they headbutt or brush their heads on you.

5. She Headbutts

Cats meow to gain attention, request food, or say hello. Meowing with your cat is like a cat/human pidgin language. 

6. She Meows at You

Your cat may give you gifts to thank you. Your cat chooses dead mice and birds for you at seven in the morning.

7. She Brings You Gifts

When happy, cats knead, or "make biscuits." Cats alternately push and pull on a soft surface with their claws.

8. She Makes Biscuits on You

Happy, secure cats purr. When you pet or play with your cat, she purrs because she is comfortable and happy.

9. Her Purr Motor Running

If your cat licks your hair or ears, she considers you family. Grooming is common among close cats. This bonds cats and creates a collective aroma.

10. She Grooms You

Cats are picky about their beds. Cats choose their napping spots carefully because they're vulnerable while sleeping in the wild.

11. She Naps With You

A cat's tail can reveal its mood. Cats will keep their tail high and flicker their tip when they're excited.

12. Her Tail Twitches When She Sees You

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