30 Father's Day Lunch Ideas The Whole Family Will Love

Burrata Pizza Sandwiches

Drizzle with olive oil and allow for drips through the crevices as you devour.

Deep-Dish Pizza

According to some sources, Pizzeria Uno may have invented deep-dish pizza in the '40s in Chicago. 

Chicken Taco Torta

Americanized hard-shell chicken tacos, we completed it with shredded cheese, taco seasoning, and some crunchy tortilla chips. Feel free to top with your own faves to make it your own!

Lobster Rolls

Serve it with all your favorite summer sides to transport your family straight to the coast after just one bite.

Spring Roll Bowls

Rice noodles, shrimp, avocado, thinly sliced veggies, and a plethora of greens are tossed together in a tangy nước chấm dressing for a refreshing lunchtime twist.

Trust us, once you add ground beef to pasta salad, you won't be able to stop—it's that good.

Cowboy Pasta Salad