7 Types of Cherries and How to Use Them

Bing Cherries

They’re great for snacking, and their sweet flavor makes them ideal for simple dessert dishes, like a cherry bounce served over vanilla ice cream, or for making cherry jam.

Black Cherries

They taste great in raw applications like flavored yogurt or baked goods like Black Forest Panettone Pudding.

Montmorency Cherries

They’re also great to make into a delicious tart cherry juice that your health will benefit from.

Morello Cherries

Use them in your favorite sweet-tart recipe or as a sauce to bring out the flavor in your favorite meat dish, like in this Baked Ham with Cherry Sauce recipe. 

Rainier Cherries

Try tossing them into this Chocolate Pear and Cherry Salad or in this Cool Summertime Oatmeal for an added sweetness to your meal.

hey taste more like candy than cherries, but they’re great for garnishing cocktails, like a brandy old-fashioned, and milkshakes, as well as baked goods and sweet desserts like these Cherry Coconut Bars.

Maraschino Cherries