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8 blackowned hair tools youll want to add to cart

This combs curved handle fits comfortably in the hand and its naturalfinger prongs make detangling easy kazmalaje kurlsplus comb

The safer ones like silk and satin may take numerous ties and lots of elbow grease to pull back thick textured hair puffcuff

The blow dryer has four curl and coilfriendly attachments a brush widetooth comb concentrator nozzle and diffuser pattern the blow dryer

Diy hair days are easy with this gadget the palm holds gel while the fingers drape extensions freeing your hands to style magic fingers magic helper

Charlotte mensahs medium paddle brush has robust bristles that dont collapse while detangling unlike other paddle brushes charlotte mensah medium paddle brush

This stimulating scalp massager revolutionizes you can use it to relax your neck and lift product buildup latched hooked scalp soothie

Traditional hair ties can break hair these silky flexible ties minimize that they come in black brown hot pink and purple swirlycurly snappee hair ties

The original unbraider ii removes braids easily it can unravel eight braids at once the original unbraider ii