According to your horoscope, here's how you should study

Aries has the shortest attention span of any sign of the zodiac. Find a way to relate each class to a subject you're interested in studying.



Taureans can ignore conventional wisdom about studying because they do their best work in bed.


Pretend you're a teacher and use the material you're having the most trouble with as an example. Flashcards and other mnemonic devices work well with Geminis. 

Your bedroom is the perfect place to buckle down and cram for an exam. This is because you will have a much better sense of security.



You prefer to skim over details in favor of the big picture, thus auditory learning will serve you best.

Find a quiet spot where you can focus on your homework. You need to study in solitude because you become easily sidetracked.


If you want to study on your own, you'll need to figure out ways to keep yourself from being distracted or into a rut.


Find a peaceful, undisturbed spot to study. In the event that you feel you need to lock the door and turn off your phone, do so. 


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