Bambino Cat Breed Things To Know

Similar to a Sphynx, a Bambino has a high tendency to vocalize. In fact, they are regarded as the most vocal cat breed. 

Bambino’s Have a Tendency to Vocalize

They speak about a variety of topics, but there is no reason to be alarmed. Meowing is typically accompanied by a stroke along the limb or a jump on the shoulder.

They’re a Mischievous Breed

This breed will gladly spend the day exploring the garden, climbing trees, and investigating every corner of the home.

Complementing their lively nature is a need to be with their human parents. 

The Bambino Is a Social and Family-Friendly Kitty

Particularly if you have small children, these Munchkin x Sphynx cats are a wonderful addition to a family home.

Due to their lively, affectionate, and human-loving nature, they have a tendency to form strong bonds with all family members.

Many people believe that these cats' velvety skin does not require care because they lack a magnificent coat.

While They’re Hairless, Their Coat Requires Attention

However, these cats require significantly more care than the average domestic cat.

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