Before US Olympic Gymnastics Trials, Simone Biles and Coach Cecile Landi Spend Much-Deserved Time With Family

“Gymnastics is just something I get to come in and have the privilege of doing. I don’t feel like it’s the end all be all anymore, as before I kind of felt like that. I get to go home to my husband, to my dogs, to my house and all of the things. So it feels really good,” she had said in a conversation with Today.  

Even though the Olympic trials are just 19 days away, Simone has not brushed aside that newfound meaning of life. So ahead of the big battle, she rekindled her bond with her husband, Jonathan Owens, with one more vacation. 

Simone herself added a few pictures of her time spent with her pet in the lush green environment. For her, it is probably the best recovery after she navigates the pressure of winning her ninth US national title.  

If Simone has to take the stage to execute these, her coaches from the sidelines have to bear an equal amount of worry about the performance of their mentees. So a break after and before a high-intensity competition is much-deserved for them as well. 

As a part of that healing, Simone’s coach, Cecile Landi, gave herself a holiday time. Landi has been seen spending her leisure time with her family in Lyon, France. She has shared several snippets from the tour through her IG story, captioning, “La famille [love emoji]”.  

The pictures displayed her French self, where monuments like Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere and the alleys from French suburbia remained the highlights.