Best Color Based on Zodiac Sign

Power Color of Aries is red. Red is the color of passion, courage, and excitement, so it should come as no surprise that fire signs flourish in its presence. 



Powerful Taurus color is green. In addition to being rooted in nature, the color green exudes a vitality that helps Taureans feel revitalized.


Yellow is the color of the Gemini Force. Similar , cheerful, and energetic. It inspires creativity and pleasure and is the ideal match for a Gemini personality. 

Silver or grey metal. Cancers are governed by the moon, so it makes sense that their power colors are ethereal silvers and grays. 



Orange is the dominant hue of Leo. There is nothing more arresting than the color orange, and this vibrant hue is exactly what a Leo needs to feel comfortable.

The Virgo Color is brown. The delicate hue resembles Virgo, the backbone of any effective color scheme and a true workhorse in the world of design.


Pink is the Libra Power Color. A tranquil, pale pink lends the perfect amount of femininity to a room.


Black is the dominant hue of the strength category. This intense color (or lack of color) makes perfect sense for Scorpio, who delights in keeping others uncertain. 


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