Commonly Seen Dogs of a Medium Size


Chihuahua dog breed illustration in black and white with a smooth white coat.


Chanel, a dachshund, currently holds the title of the oldest living dachshund, which she earned from the Guinness World Records. 

Toy Poodle

The smart and sassy toy poodle may make a wonderful addition to any household as a pet. 

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russells haven't lost their work ethic and boundless amount of energy because they were raised to be working dogs.

Shih Tzu

The breed is predisposed to developing problems in the areas of the eyes, skin, teeth, and joints.


These dogs need the company and affection of their owners in order to grow, and if they are not given the appropriate training, they may develop separation anxiety.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are a popular and clever breed of toy dog, but despite their small size, they are not considered to be lap dogs. 


Pomeranians have a reputation for being amiable, but they can also be quite dominant at times. 

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