Discover the Colorful Hummingbirds of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Hummingbirds You Should Know

Fiery-throated hummingbirds on foxglove in Costa Rica With their vibrant colors, hummingbirds seem as if they belong in the tropics—and they do. 

Volcano Hummingbird

It’s a common resident in the high mountains, zipping about in open meadows and the edges of scrubby forests.

Fiery-throated Hummingbird

When seen in the shadows, it can look like the plainest of hummingbirds, just a dull green all over. But let the light hit it just right, and the fiery-throated truly lives up to its name. 

Long-billed Hermit

Several kinds live in Costa Rica, but the long-billed hermit is one of the most widespread, found in tropical forests throughout the lower elevations of the country.

Purple-crowned Fairy

This large hummingbird often stays high, hovering around flowers in the mid to upper levels of trees at tropical forests’ edges in the valleys and lowlands.

White-crested Coquette

One of the most sought-after hummingbirds in Costa Rica, birders commonly spot the tiny white-crested coquette in the country’s southwestern lowlands.