Dumbest Cat Breeds

Initiating training at a young age increases the likelihood of having a cat that at least looks at you when you speak to it.

American Shorthair

It's debatable if Birman's intellectual disability is real or whether he's just being stubborn.


Cats have an exceptionally long sleep cycle. The British shorthair may be the most sleepy of all cat breeds.

British Shorthair

The exotic shorthair, despite its flat face and sorrowful expression, is quite cute. They show a lot of love and affection to one another.

Exotic Shorthair


Himalayans, a cross between the Persian and the Siamese, are another breed of cat that is resistant to training unless they are in the mood for it.

This may have dampened their natural instinct to hunt and interact with the more dynamic parts of their environment, but they are accomplished lap cats nonetheless.


Despite being one of the most cherished breeds in the world of cat fanciers, Munchkins, and their peculiar appearance are sometimes the target of mockery. 


The docility of ragdolls led to their nickname, "rags," because they literally fall asleep in your arms.


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