Every Zodiac Sign Has a Dream House

Sliding glass windows and a steel structure give away the fact that their property is fresh new and up to date with architectural standards.

Aries: Contemporary

Taurus: American Craftsman

Taurus is the sign most closely linked to home ownership and interior decoration in astrology. After all, Venus, the goddess of loveliness and luxury, rules this earth sign.

Gemini: Victorian/Edwardian

That's why all twins secretly long to settle down in a Victorian that's as bright, quirky, and historic as possible.

A Cancer's ideal home is a quaint cottage that looks like it was plucked from a fairy tale.

Cancer: Cottage

Leo: Mediterranean

Leo's dream home would be a Mediterranean-style villa on the shore, inspired by the buildings of Spain and Italy.

That doesn't mean people don't appreciate things like aesthetic quality, meticulous execution, and touches of yesteryear that stay with you long after you've forgotten them.

Virgo: Midcentury Modern

Librans, who are controlled by Venus, like a well-designed home. Period. And in a home designed in the French provincial style, they'll find a place that's both luxurious and comfortable.

Libra: French Provincial

Everything seems right when you're standing in the middle of a desert far from any city lights and looking up at a sea of stars. 

Scorpio: Pueblo Revival

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