Excellent Performer on the CAT

Cats begin kneading as soon as they are born. The act of pressing their claws against both sides of their mother's teats stimulates milk flow.

Reminiscing About Their Kittenhood

It's a fundamental instinct they develop from birth, and the majority of cats retain it as adults.

Cats are extremely territorial by nature and enjoy marking their territory.

Marking Their Territory

They possess scent glands in multiple locations on their bodies, including their feet. Kneading is one of the ways cats use their scent to designate their territory.

Demanding Attention & Expressing Affection

However, they frequently establish close relationships with their owners and crave attention.

Having our beloved cats knead on our bare skin is an unpleasant experience, particularly when their claws emerge. 

The Massage of Love

It can be quite uncomfortable when our cats use us as clawing posts or pin cushions.

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