Extinct Dog Breeds We'd Love to Bring Back

Chiribaya Shepherd

Despite the harsh desert climate, the Chiribaya thrived, growing maize and chili peppers, fishing from the four rivers, and raising llamas and alpacas for wool.

Chiribaya dogs were revered like royalty in life and death because llama and alpaca farming was vital to the culture and economy.

The Molossian Hound was an extinct Greek dog. The Mastiff's ancestor was bred by the Molossian tribe in ancient Epirus.

Molossian Hound

Satyricon, a 2nd-century Latin novel, contains a Molossian. Scylax is Trimalchio's Molossian.

The generator cur, or turnspit dog, redefined "working dog". 

Turnspit Dog

Inns and large households in 16th-century Britain had turnspits—huge, deep fireplaces with a meat-roasting spit turning over an open flame—in their kitchens.

Hawaiian poi dogs were significant food sources, especially for women, as big game was scarce. 

Hawaiian Poi Dog

Oahu petroglyphs show poi dogs with short legs, long backs, flat heads, and sharp ears.

Marquesan dogs are ancient Polynesian breeds. Petroglyphs and stone sculptures reveal much about the mysterious Marquesan.

Marquesan Dog

Unfortunately, scientists think these artworks, especially the petroglyphs, aren't realistic. They resemble llamas more than dogs.

King's White Hound Queen Elizabeth had Corgis, ancient Egyptian kings had Whippets, and 17th-century French monarchs had King's White Hounds.

King's White Hound

The King's White Hound descended from Souillard, a solid white St. Hubert Hound.

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