Grow Trumpet Honeysuckle for Hummingbirds

Trumpet Honeysuckle Care and Growing Tips

You can plant trumpet honeysuckle in spring or fall, in soil that is acidic to neutral. It prefers humus-rich, well-drained soil. 

Wildlife Benefits

When swathed in scarlet red blooms beginning in late spring, hummingbirds find trumpet honeysuckle vine nearly irresistible. 

Trumpet Honeysuckle Cultivars

Among the species and selections, the long tubular flowers are typically shades of red, ranging from coral to scarlet, with yellow anthers.

Is Trumpet Honeysuckle Invasive?

You can let it ramble as a ground cover. If you want it to climb, you’ll need a sturdy trellis or arbor to support it. The vines twine independently but will still need occasional tying in and trimming to look tidy.

Trumpet Honeysuckle Problems

Growing Wild Nursery suggests that if you live among deer, wrap the lower 5 feet of the plant with chicken wire to lessen browsing near the roots.

Provide good air circulation in full sun, keep well-watered, and if aphids appear, hose them off.