Healthy Snacks That Can Help You Lose Weight

Mixed nuts

Nuts are a great healthy snack since they have a good ratio of healthy fats to protein to fiber.

Red bell peppers have more antioxidants than green or yellow ones, but all bell peppers are healthy.

Red bell pepper with guacamole

Greek yogurt and mixed berries

Blend the sweet and sour flavors of a variety of berries with your yogurt for a balanced meal.

Apple slices with peanut butter

Apples are a good source of fiber. Peanuts have all the satisfying elements you might want in a snack.

Cottage cheese and fruit make a delicious and satisfying snack because the fiber in the fruit balances the protein and fat in the cheese.

Cottage cheese and fruit

A popular low-carb snack that can help you feel full longer is celery sticks with cream cheese.

Celery sticks with cream cheese

Kale chips made with olive oil are not only more flavorful and crispy but also more nutritionally sound and satiating.

Kale chips

When compared to other leafy greens, kale has a significantly lower concentration of oxalic acid, an anti-nutrient that reduces calcium.

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