Before US Olympic Gymnastics Trials, Simone Biles and Coach Cecile Landi Spend Much-Deserved Time With Family

The Paris 2024 hopeful, who just won her ninth U.S. Championship on June 2, will next tackle the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials from June 27-30, and Hernandez is rooting for her the whole way. 

"Simone is a big name that will always keep popping up," Hernandez says of Biles, whom she competed alongside at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. "She's just a surefire for Team USA [in Paris], to know that she's going to go out there and be consistent.  

Her difficulty is so high, and she really is one of the best. You can count on her. You know you're going to watch greatness when her name pops up." 

If Biles makes the Olympic team, she'll be the first American woman to make three Olympic gymnastics teams since Dominique Dawes. At the time of the Games, she'll also be 27 years old, which in the gymnastics world, is "old," Hernandez, 23, says with a bit of a smile. 

"We're so funny," Hernandez, who recently partnered with Olay Cleansing Melts ahead of the Paris Games, adds, while acknowledging that many gymnasts don't compete for as long as Biles has. "But this is a really exciting year."

Biles herself addressed the discussion about her "old" age after her win on June 2, telling reporters, “I use the phrase ‘aging like fine wine.' It’s just getting better and better. We’ll see. Hopefully we get to ride this out for the rest of the year.”