Most Popular Cats Among Young People


The shorthaired Abyssinian is a small breed of cat known for its high levels of energy, agility, and sociability. 

Kids who are taught the appropriate way to connect with these cats and their playful nature will find them to be excellent playmates.

Bengal cat

The Bengal, like the Abyssinian, is an incredibly active cat with a great deal of energy, making it a lot of fun for children to play with. 

Bengals thrive in busy households with children.

Birman cat

Birman cats are about average size, built like tanks, and covered in long, silky hair. 

Both the eyes and all four paws of a Birman cat are white. 

Burmese cat

Burmese are known for their playful nature, which persists even into adulthood.

The Burmese are kind and outgoing, making them a wonderful match for families with children. 

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