Only Cat Owners Will Comprehend This.

You gave up trying to lint roll, buying specialized vacuum attachments, and avoiding wearing dark-colored clothing after so many failed attempts.

You're Never Not Covered in Cat Hair

The internet has taught us that cats will absolutely knock anything off of literally any surface. Interested in arranging a chic vignette on your coffee table? 

You Stopped Putting Any Item on Any Surface

If your cat sticks her butt in your face, even though it's a little gross, it's actually a good thing. Actually, it suggests that she likes you!

You're Unfazed by Cat Butt in Your Face

You know it's essential to keep your toilet paper hidden from your cat, whether you get the budget brand or the softest toilet paper available.

You Have to Hide Toilet Paper From Your Cat

Cats enjoys climbing on your face during that time, scratching at the walls, and getting her daily workout.  

Cats Sleep Constantly ... Except Between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. 

Humans would never consider urinating in a litter box. On the other hand, it's entirely fine for your cat to poop in a box.

You Forget Your Cat Is Literally Pooping in a Box

You took so much time selecting the ideal bed for your cat. You carefully considered the countless.

Your Cat Loves Cardboard Boxes More Than His Expensive Bed

You'll consume whatever conventional, mass-produced food is on sale at the grocery store. 

Your Cat Eats Better Food Than You cat eating

Don't even try to pretend. Everyone in a cat house understands who is in charge. She likes to knock stuff off of counters.

You've Accepted That Your Cat Is Boss

Cats exhibit their liking for people by sticking their butts in their faces. In order to express their affection.

Cats Have No Sense of Personal Spacecat and human

There is nothing more enjoyable than lying on the couch cuddling with your cat.

You Never Know If Your Cat Wants to Cuddle You ... or Bite You

If you make the slightest mistake, she freaks out, bites you, and runs into another room. 

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