Pure, Mix, Cross and Stray Breed What makes them unique?

Another category of hybrid breeds found in India, they are known as Pariah Dogs.

Stray Breed

People prefer to refer to them as Desi Dogs due to the fact that "outsider" is the least preferable term.

They are born with no other support system. 

Purebred dogs are the most predictable because they inherit the same genetic characteristics as their parents.


For a dog to be included in this category, both of its progenitors must be of the same breed.

Because their shape, size, and almost all other characteristics are predictable.

You can begin preparing for what this puppy will become if you choose a puppy from this category as your mentor.

Chattering, also known as twittering, is a low-smacking sound generated by rhythmic jaw clacking. 

Cross breed

The dogs in this category are designer dogs because breeders combine the abilities of two distinct dog breeds to create a hybrid with a unique combination of abilities.

People prefer to adopt this category of dogs due to their unique characteristics that distinguish them from the single breed category.

Mixed-breed canines are also referred to as Mutt and Mongrel. They are unique in that they are the result of breeding more than two distinct varieties.

Mixed Breed

If the dog's parents are not registered or known, they are classified as a mixed breed.

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