Simone Biles Shares Inspirational Factors for Joining Athleta's Female Athlete Collective

Many believed the Tokyo Olympics would mark Simone Biles’ last appearance on the international gymnastics stage. But her abrupt exit pushed people to speculate about the road ahead for her.  

However, she made a strong comeback. With the 2024 Paris Olympics just around the corner, she is gearing up for another shot at the Gold. With 37 combined World and Olympic medals, Biles is the most decorated gymnast in history. But what happens after Paris? 

Kathy Johnson sat down with host Shreya Verma, the content strategist at EssentiallySports and a passionate gymnastics fan. Shreya asked Kathy, “Gabby Douglas recently announced her plans to return for the LA Olympics in 2028. Given the trend of gymnasts competing at older ages, do you think we might see Simone Biles making a similar return in the future?” 

Kathy provided insightful commentary, expressing a sentiment of open-mindedness and possibility as she remarked, “I wouldn’t rule anything out!”

It’s worth noting Gabby Douglas, earlier aimed for the Paris Olympics, but an injury shattered her dream. Now, she aims to check out Los Angeles 2028 at 32. “I’m sad to say that due to a foot injury during practice, I will not be able to continue my 2024 journey. 

Kathy’s statement showed her acknowledgment of the dynamic nature of women’s gymnastics, particularly in light of Simone Biles’ comeback to the sport after grappling with the ‘twisties’ at Tokyo, where she withdrew from several events due to the condition.