Strange and Interesting Cat Breeds

The American Curl is distinguished by its gently curved rear ears. Having a fluffy tail is another distinguishing feature.

1. American Curl

This breed was created in 1981 when a stray came into the lives of an unknowing couple. Shulamith was the cat's given name.

American Curl was on the scene. Selective breeding has started by 1983.

Movies and television shows have greatly increased the popularity of this hairless cat and Yoda impersonator. 

2. Sphynx

Although there have always been genetic mutations that result in hairless cats, it wasn't until the 1970s that researchers started modifying kittens to produce a specific breed.

So although though they appear to have come from another planet, their short hair is actually rather common in household settings.

The Munchkin, often known as a dwarf cat, was named for its diminutive size and unusually short legs.

3. Munchkin

After two stray kittens were found with the oddity, it was determined that this cat is another creation of genetic engineering. 

Despite being adorable and cuddly, Munchkins are typically handicapped.

The werewolf appearance, like other cats that don't look like cats, is caused by abnormal fur growth patterns. 

4. Lykoi

This cat seems threatening thanks to the tufts of hair that grow in the hairy spots.

The ears are the Scottish Folds' most distinctive feature; otherwise, they resemble typical cats.

5. Scottish Fold

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