The 12 Most Idiomatic Dog Breeds


Coren ranked the basenji as only slightly less unintelligent than the Afghan hound. 

English bulldog

English bulldog, which, according to research, is the third-dumbest dog breed. 

Afghans would rather devote their time to loving family members, entertaining children with dazzling hair.

Afghan hound

In spite of the fact that they may not extend a paw when asked, these aristocratic puppies.


Chow chow

Although it resembles a lion, the chow chow is neither the ruler of the jungle nor even the dog park. 

Chinese dog breed is one of the strangest dog breeds in the world.


Bloodhounds have aided law enforcement in locating criminals and missing individuals.


The mastiff is one of the best guard canines, but not by stealth. 


Fans of canines with floppy ears are frequently drawn to the small, adorable beagle. 


However, the basset's icy disposition is in no way reflected by his meltingly droopy visage and floor-sweeping velvet ears. 

Basset hound

The shih tzu, which is Chinese for "little lion," was originally bred as an interior lap dog hundreds of years ago.

Shih tzu

Another giant dog species, the bullmastiff is a cross between a bulldog and a mastiff.


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