The Best Nail Polish Your Zodiac Sign

They are also born leaders. This daring colour of orange-red is ideal for the ram that sets the fashion trends.


This sheer, baby pink colour is neutral enough to work with virtually anything, while yet being somewhat more polished (pardon the pun) than a bare nail.


Geminis struggle to choose between available possibilities and are prone to experiencing boredom in an alarmingly short amount of time. 


The sentimental nature of the sensitive and highly imaginative crab causes her to make decisions based on their capacity to create emotion and beauty.


The middle name given to Leo is Leo Flashy. Your lioness energy can be fed by wearing electric pink lipstick and a highlighter with a lot of vibrancy.


Virgos are detail-oriented, and they think less is more. Finish off your natural look with a ruby nail polish and black mascara that defines your lashes.


A Libra should wear a nail polish that is a very light pink. You are usually attracted to things that have a timeless beauty. 


If you want to channel your inner femme fatale, try a strong cat eye with a deep mauve nail paint. 


You are a sign of the zodiac that enjoys having a good time, Sag. You don't seem to have any trouble taking chances. 


The Capricorns require a smooth transition from the meeting room to the bar. 


You, Aquarius, enjoy nothing more than going your own way! If you want to stand out from the crowd, try wearing a coral pink or electric blue.


A shade that is pearlescent or very pale pink is ideal for the independent nature of this zodiac sign.


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