The Best Shoe for Your Zodiac Sign

You are a busy person who is often on the move, so it's important that your footwear is both supportive and durable.

Aries: Normcore Tennis Shoes

The "grandpa sneaker" style is here to stay, so get on board with it right away and wear them with everything from straight-leg jeans to floaty midi skirts.

You have no problem shelling out good money on items that are well-made and spare in appearance. 

Taurus: Nude Pumps

Invest in a pair of designer beige heels that are both work appropriate and sexually alluring to your earth sign personality.

Equal parts extrovert and couch potato. You need a shoe that strikes a happy medium between the serious intellectual and the crazy party girl in you.

Gemini: Fur-embellished Booties

Here comes a pair of suede boots adorned with a fluffy pom-pom zipper. Or, as we like to say, "work up front, party in the back."

These bold, hot-pink pumps are the perfect complement to your big attitude. 

Leo: Ankle-bow Heels

The large silky bow is the closing touch, as you are not one to avoid the spotlight.

You prefer quiet conversations and a soothing atmosphere, which is why you look so stunning in a pair of velvet ankle boots.

Cancer: Velvet Booties

Blue is an excellent match that goes with a water-related sign.

As a sign of subtlety and sophistication, Virgo, you take great satisfaction in the way you handle yourself.

Virgo: White Booties

It should come as no surprise that the daisy, despite its diminutive size, is the flower that most effectively reflects the earthy and dependable vitality that you exude. 

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