The Lipstick Shade Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Therefore, you need a powerful lipstick, such as a dark velvet red colour, that lets the world know you mean business before you ever open your mouth to say anything.

Aries: Velvet Red Lipstick

Aries is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, you have a natural tendency to surround yourself with influential people and pursue activities that lead to success. 

It doesn't matter if you're talking about the decor in your home or your own personal style; clean lines and timeless details will always come out on top.

Taurus: Blush Pink Lipstick

Pink is not only the ideal shade of lipstick for you, but it is also the power color associated with your zodiac sign

On the other hand, you have a hard time altering your viewpoint even once every other day.

Gemini: Sheer Lip Gloss

When you want to go for a more laid-back appearance, nude lips with a translucent lipgloss are a good choice.

Even though you're renowned as the gentle caretaker of the zodiac, you actually have a sensuous side that's just itching to get out.

Cancer: Shiny Glitter Lipstick

As the sign that is ruled by the Moon, you are no stranger to delving deeply into your feelings and connecting with others on a more personal level.

Virgo is focused on limitations, and they need lipstick that will last through the day with fuss or reapplication.

Virgo: Long-Wear Peach Lip Stain

Your "perfectionist heart" yearns for a lip stain that has a long-lasting effect.

You are not here to follow trends; rather, you are here to set them as the explorer of the zodiac. 

Libra: Tinted Lip Balm

You require a lip color that can be easily transported and accommodates a variety of needs and applications.

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