The Perfect Indoor Plant for Your Zodiac Sign

Capricorn: Money Tree

Capricorns have huge aspirations. Nothing is more rewarding than watching your efforts bear fruit. You take life in a very traditional and simple manner.

You know that hard work pays off, but you also know that having some good fortune can't hurt.

Pisces, you're often misunderstood because of your reputation as the zodiac's romantic dreamer, but you also have a mysterious side. 

Pisces: English Ivy

The flourishing of English ivy results in a lovely cascade of new branches and leaves, lending an air of mystery and allure to your home.

Because of their own eccentric personalities, Aquarians prefer the unusual to the commonplace. 

Aquarius: Polka Dot Plant

Everything you pick, from clothes to accessories to wall hangings, should exude the same sense of individuality that you do.

Sagittarius: Cactus

Most houseplants have stringent watering requirements that are difficult to maintain. 

Pick a cactus or other low-maintenance plant unless you want to pay a lot to have people take care of your vegetation.

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