The Perfect Travel Destinations For Each Zodiac Sign

You would also enjoy kayaking across the icy polar waters of Svalbard, Norway, or paragliding over the clear waters of Queenstown, New Zealand.



You seem like the type that enjoys exploring quaint, little towns known for their shopping and restaurants.


Take in the culture of bustling Berlin, Germany, or the art and learning of historic Florence, Italy. What are you waiting for, Gemini, if you haven't limped your way around London.

You share your zodiac sign, Cancer, with the crab, an animal that thrives in the transition zone between land and sea.



You to the Jackie O'Beach Club on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. If you're not careful, you can end up drinking wine with Bacchus and his maenads at sunrise.

You find great joy in exploring new cultural experiences. You find great pleasure in the seemingly mundane act of strolling around the streets of a city, which you see as a living.


You're a hopeless romantic at heart, so, of course, you'll visit Juliet's mansion in Verona, Italy, to reflect on how much she must have loved Romeo.


Everything seems right when you're standing in the middle of a desert far from any city lights and looking up at a sea of stars. 


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