The Saddest Zodiac Sign


Although Taureans may not show their feelings very openly, this is not mean that they do not experience them. 

When this tenacious earth sign is confronted with change, sadness might set in.

Virgos have a reputation for being methodical and strategic. They have a propensity for overthinking, which can lead to mental anguish.


Virgo has a tendency to overthink, and in doing so, they often bring about their own mental disaster.

Librans look for moderation in all aspects of life, including their professional and personal pursuits.


Things get sadder if they spiral out of control. The emotions of rage and despair are often repressed by Libras.


A Scorpio's magnetic charisma is frequently misread. This water sign may come across as more reserved, yet they actually have a lot of feelings.

Even if it's just over spilt milk, they act as if you took their puppy away. When disappointing or breaking bad news to a Scorpio, it's best to do so gently.

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