The Unhappiest Zodiac Sign

Trying to avoid unpleasant experiences might make it difficult to find joy in life. 


Pisces are so preoccupied with their own thoughts that they may lose out on opportunities and even feel left out on occasion.

Capricorns hold themselves, along with everybody else, to a very high standard. 


Best Life that while laser-focused determination can be a positive thing, it can also bring a lot of sadness if nothing is ever good enough.

Virgo, like Capricorn, is an earth sign known for setting impossible standards for themselves.


After all, they are known as the perfectionists of the zodiac. Because of this, they are never able to experience genuine joy.

Cancer is a selfless disease that prioritizes the well-being of others above its own.


She argues that people with the Cancer personality trait have a programmed belief that they have to be the glue that binds everyone else together. 

Scorpios are the most intense sign of the zodiac, and feeling so intensely leads to unhappiness.


These emotionally guarded water signs may appear unapproachable, but they have the same desire to be loved as the sign of any other element.

In the event that they do not receive that, their demeanor transforms into that of a spoiled child; after all, they are the firstborns of the zodiac.


The fact that they are overly focused on the destination as opposed to the trip is what eventually makes them the unhappiest zodiac sign.

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